Did you know that even before the R&R Mansion even opened, famous TV shows such as “Flip and Flip Vegas” has used for their TV series promotional video filming site. Other photographers and models have came in to film or photo shoot at this amazing mansion.

The R&R Mansion is the perfect staying and entertaining destination in Las Vegas.Wheter a company running team building/high level meetings or board gatherings, or just a few local families wanting to come for some weekend fun with ultimate Vegas fun and luxury without the presidential suite high costs. Now with the amazing full basketball/tennis/volleyball/badminton/pickleball court, more fun can be had in more ways than one.

Come join and enjoy Vegas with us. Feel the Vegas and Hawaii plus the Modern Europe all in one setting. What fun and amazing experience would that be? !

R&R Mansion-- - Rejoice and Relax to have a ball by TotalMax Homes!